The Lyceum Gallery street view<br/><small>Christina Gapic Photography</small>
The Lyceum Gallery street view
Christina Gapic Photography

20230504 ReCollection / Marina Dempster

May 4–June 3, 2023


Marina Dempster

Key Image for the exhibition Novel Companions by Jody Hewgill. Painting of a white and black spotted dog lying on a bed with pink bedding.

20230302 Novel Companions / Jody Hewgill

March 2–25, 2023

Novel Companions

Jody Hewgill

Resin Art Workshop Poster

Resin Art


The Art of Disruption

Gathering Stars exhibition by Melanie Gordon

09 Gathering Stars

Gathering Stars

Melanie Gordon


08 Cerebellum


Julie Fader

Wolf Moon

07 Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

Nancy Friedland

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