The Lyceum Gallery street view<br/><small>Christina Gapic Photography</small>
The Lyceum Gallery street view
Christina Gapic Photography
Jamestown Road by Erin Breau-Brakley

20240222 Jamestown Road / Erin Breau-Barkley

February 22–March 22, 2024

Jamestown Road

Erin Breau-Barkley

the space between by tania love

20240119 the space between / Tania Love

January 19-28, 2024

the space between

Tania Love

Gillian Genser Echoes at the Lyceum Gallery

10 Echoes


Gillian Genser

Gathering Stars exhibition by Melanie Gordon

09 Gathering Stars

Gathering Stars

Melanie Gordon


08 Cerebellum


Julie Fader

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