Duality implies the existence of two. And often when we think of two separate things, we assume that those things are different from one another and we can’t seem to see the similarities. Of course if we take a closer look, we can see how all things share a basic commonality. All things grow and die and grow again. We all are a part of this cycle. So
duality is more of an illusion, like looking into a mirror is. It is a way for us to reflect different sides of ourselves and our lives in order to better understand the whole. The left wing and the right wing are both part of the same whole.

Left Wing
Danijela Gorley
Right Wing
Danijela Gorley
Danijela Gorley

Danijela Gorley is a photographic artist living and working in Toronto, Canada. Born in the former Yugoslavia she immigrated to Canada in 1990. She has been practicing photography since studying Art and Art History at University of Toronto, and graduating from Photography at Sheridan College in 2000. A few years later, while living in Montreal, she became a founding member of an artist collective the YPF (Young People’s Foundation). Her commercial photo work has been published in Vogue, Toronto Life, Muslim Girl Magazine and other publications. Her artwork has been exhibited locally and internationally, such as Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles.

Her work explores the ideas of healing and transformation through a search for beauty in the mundane and fragmented world. Immersed in intimacy and vulnerability, she strives to reveal the raw and ethereal qualities of life. Through use of blur and moody, painterly light, she evokes a feeling of mystery and magic, recalling our visceral connection to the world around us. Inspired by nature and its cycles, she’s curious about femininity and sensuality. Ultimately she’s striving for (re)connection, to our true selves and our roots.

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