Erin Breau Barkley, Self Portrait
Erin Breau Barkley, Self Portrait

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Erin Breau-Barkley

Artist Statement

I’ve always been curious about how our identities are informed by our memories, and how our memories are so heavily informed by photography, particularly family photography. In many cases, and in mine, family memoirs and legacies are told mainly though photographic record. My work draws from a large multi-generational family archive and considers the intersection of photography and memory, and the connectedness of photography and painting. Through these photographic records I explore the spaces in between my personal memory and ideologies about myself, my life and my family, within the larger context of capitalism. My paintings articulate the longing and stillness of memory. They are short stories about class, desire, loss, womanhood and self.


Erin Breau-Barkley is a Toronto based artist and mother. She studied at OCAD University in 1998 and later earned her BFA with honors from NSCAD University in 2007. On her return to Toronto in 2008 she worked in Toronto’s not-for-profit sector, raising her two children and putting her artistic endeavors on hold. Erin started painting again fervently in 2019 and has remained steadfast in her reignited commitment to her practice.

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