This series is inspired by the idea of “phototropism”; plants and organisms naturally drawn to find the light.

The work is the natural evolution from the last series MA; which was womblike, magnetic abstractions. Photographed during pandemic lockdowns in collaboration with dancers from the National Ballet of Canada.

This work is an evolution, born out of a primal instinct to be at one with nature. To submerge into water and charged, fresh, botanical life.

To emerge and rediscover ourselves.

The images are abstracted using various organic elements to remove information and leave the sense of coming in out of dreams.

Laura Jane Petelko
Growing Up Again
Laura Jane Petelko
Laura Jane Petelko
Photo by Dean Holmes

Laura Jane Petelko is an internationally exhibited and collected photographic artist living in Toronto, Canada.

Her work explores a painterly and abstracted approach to photography, grounded in emotions and the senses. Her works evoke the blurred space between the sacred and the worldly.

Laura Jane Petelko is currently represented by The Lyceum Gallery, Toronto. Cavalier Galleries ; New York, Greenwich and Palm Beach. The Christopher Hill Gallery, Napa California and Virgil Catherine Gallery; Chicago.

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