Laura Jane Petelko

The Days Fell on Their Knees

The Days Fell on Their Knees is piece from my series Endless Gone, which explores landscape, longing, and abstraction. By stripping images of all detail, we are left only with mood….images steeped in quiet light, soft palettes, and a sense of sentimentality for something we can’t articulate.

Named after a beautiful lyric from the song Stay by David Bowie, this piece has since taken on a more profound and haunting meaning in 2020. With our days stripped of their usual features and justifications, we find ourselves connected through feeling and nostalgia and the love and the longing for one another.

The Days Fell on their Knees
Laura Jane Petelko
Laura Jane Petelko
Photo by Dean Holmes

Laura Jane Petelko is a Canadian photographic artist. She documents times of deep transformation and collaborates with women to use their own bodies as media and message.

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