The Lyceum Gallery Artists

Erin Breau Barkley, Self Portrait

Breau-Barkley, Erin

Erin Breau-Barkley
Samuel Choisy

Choisy, Samuel

Samuel Choisy
Marina Dempster<br/><small>Photo Christina Gapic Photography</small>

Dempster, Marina

Marina Dempster
Portrait of Canadian artist, Julie Fader.

Fader, Julie

Julie Fader
Nancy Friedland, contemporary Canadian artist

Friedland, Nancy

Nancy Friedland
Christina Gapic

Gapic, Christina

Christina Gapic
Portrait of the Canadian artist Gillian Genser

Genser, Gillian

Gillian Genser
Melanie Grodon

Gordon, Melanie

Melanie Gordon
Danijela Gorley

Gorley, Danijela

Danijela Gorley
Scott Griffin

Griffin, Scott

Scott Griffin
Portrait of the artist Jody Hewgill

Hewgill, Jody

Jody Hewgill
Sam Higgs

Higgs, Sam

Sam Higgs
Artist Rita Koos exhibiting at The Lyceum Gallery

Koos, Rita

Rita Koos
Portrait of Joel Loblaw, sitting in front of computer in office

Loblaw, Joel

Joel Loblaw
Portrait of Tania Love, a Toronto-based female artist who has shoulder length grey hair wearing a maroon sweater and blue jeans. She is standing in her studio with her back facing the camera, the side of her face can be seen and she is holding one of her paintings in both her arms outstretched.

Love, Tania

Tania Love

Milne, Stewart

Stewart Milne

Norgate, Leslie

Leslie Norgate
Portrait of artist Laura Jane Petelko

Petelko, Laura Jane

Laura Jane Petelko
Quincy Raby

Raby, Quincy

Quincy Raby
MARTIN REIS<br/><small>Photo by Jonatha Castellino</small>

Reis, Martin

Martin Reis
Portrait of Johanna Reynolds standing against wall in front of one of her paintings

Reynolds, Johanna

Johanna Reynolds
Kristin Sjaardra

Sjaarda, Kristin

Kristin Sjaarda
Avatar by Saúl Lederman

Teper, Ronley

Ronley Teper
Portrait of artist Patty Zuver

Zuver, Patty

Patty Zuver
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