March 3-20, 2022

Everyone Loves A Good Story

A genre-bending curated multimedia immersive audio-visual album experience

“If you don’t know where to go, just keep going.
Eventually you’ll end up somewhere.”
– Ronley Teper

Unpredictability and improvisation are fixtures of Teper’s ethos. This process has developed an ever-flowing body of musically inspired collaborative contemporary art she calls Ronley Teper and The Lipliners, which combines the energies of so many creators all connecting through the process of sharing stories. An album spinning out an array of musical genres, further evolved into a curated invitation by Teper to 17 artists commissioned to create a piece from songs from the album as the catalyst to the works you’ll see at this exhibit.  Stories begetting more stories. An array of mediums from animation, granite stone sculpture, performance stills, collage, a miniature, puppets and more appear in the exhibition.

Artists include Nava Waxman, Walt Rickli, Kate Domina, Meghan Mcknight, Davide Di Saro, Katie Sawatsky, Carolyn Tripp, Denni Freedman, Yeşim Tosuner, Virpi Kettu, Ben Baird, Shona Chornenki, Aly Livingston, Francisco Ribas-Bordas, Eileen Jerrett, 3D animated shorts and a multi sensory AR component & online VR immersive exhibition created by Saúl Lederman.  This sonic pastiche will be visualized in the gallery space, opening March 3rd running until March 20th, 2022. Viewers should bring a cell phone and earphones for the full experience.

This is an invitation to immerse yourself in these creations and in your own storytelling process. Art inspired by music – What’s your story?

A link to the VR Gallery will be available here starting March 3rd.


Process Videos

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