Into Me See

December 8, 2022–January 7, 2023

Into Me See

“”Into-me-see”; is the new intimacy. I bring to you my inner life. My wishes, my feelings, my aspirations, my anxieties. And when I talk to you, I want you to look at me. I want contact, I want connection, I want you to make me feel like I matter.” – Esther Perel

“There is nothing illusory about the powerful process of the formation of strong bonds of attachment between one individual or another. This is something we share with thousands of other animal species — in our parent-offspring relationships, our sexual relationships and our closest friendships.”

Into Me See is an exploration of the individual, of connection and the value of all relationships as the lived experience.

Scott Griffin is a Toronto-based artist who has been internationally exhibited and collected for over thirty years.

Rita Koos has been a Toronto-based artist since 2016. This is her second show at The Lyceum Gallery.

Rita and Scott are an artist couple living in Toronto with their two sons.

Into Me See
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