The Other Side 4<br/><small>Patty Zuver</small>

September 10-30, 2020

The Other Side

Over the course of several years, on annual visits to the east coast of the US, Patty Zuver took pinhole pictures documenting the changing horizon of the Atlantic Ocean in the winter. This practice lasted from about 2010 to 2015.

In 2019, on a trip to Morocco, Patty revisited this practice by taking pinhole pictures of the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Africa. While reviewing these images, the idea of “The Other Side” came to her.

What is The Other Side? In today’s geopolitical climate, too often it means suspicion of the “other”, it means division and a lack of understanding. It means a lack of willingness to discuss differences and find common ground.

By bringing these images of opposite sides of the Atlantic together, Patty invites viewers to find a space to come together, acknowledge differences and find a place of understanding and respect. A place for open and honest dialogue. A contemplative place for growth and peace-building.

The Other Side 4<br/><small>Patty Zuver</small>
The Other Side 4
Patty Zuver
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