Johanna Reynolds’ Last Painting Has Sold and It’s Quite a Story!

February 27, 2022

Some days…the gallery space reminds me of what a nexus point it is for beautiful connections. This week, we are closing INLAND, a sold out show by Johanna Reynolds and opening Everyone Loves a Good Story, a genre-bending multi-media and audio-visual LP experience by Ronley Teper & the Lipliners, along with 17 visual artists. Here is a story from today. We decided to donate the proceeds from the sale of Feels Like, Sounds Like by Johanna Reynolds to GlobalMedic, a Canadian organization working to connect people sheltering in place or leaving the Ukraine with needed food supplements and hygiene products. In a parallel world, a lovely couple called Marianna and Bernard had seen Johanna’s work at Langdon Hall last weekend and came in to check out her show INLAND at The Lyceum Gallery. They chose Feels Like, Sounds Like to hang in their music room and as the donation aspect was explained to them, they drew a gasp. Marianna explained that her parents immigrated from Ukraine in the 1960’s, settling at Queen and Crawford! Her father was a local parish priest and she described losing her shoes while playing in Trinity Bellwoods Park with her brother as a young girl. She said she wanted to feel the grass under her feet so she took her shoes off and he hid them from her behind a tree. When they went back, the shoes were gone. If you can, check out the work Global Medic are doing, all over the world. @globalmedicdmgf
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