A shutter clicks in the old city light

Chicago, IL. 2010

12 x 12 inches

Double-exposure on film




“New York to San Francisco,” is part of a larger collection of double-exposures entitled, “Photographic Memory.”  In this series, I re-consider the process of capturing that “decisive moment” on film and attempt instead to capture the experience of memory.  Our memories are non-linear, non-binary, and even nonsensical at times. Read more »

$350.00 CAD$475.00 CAD


Tanja-Tiziana is a Toronto based artist. Her work employs photography in telling stories that exist outside of our linear sense of time. Through street images and mixed media works, she captures lives and spaces that defy a fixed place in the past or present — offering the viewer a vision of passing time more akin to memory than history.

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