Basketball, beeswax and pine resin, crystal, glass, and metallic seed beads, lazy susan, glass cloche, Canadian maple platter.

Alive with blooming, evolving natural processes, the generation from pollen spore to pink-petalled cosmic flower is depicted.

At once ordered and chaotic, patterns emerge from the atomic to the astronomical through fractals, spirals, foam, waves, tiling, cracks, flows and meanders that harmonize with nature.

Available as a quartet.

$16,000.00 CAD

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Marina Dempster is a multidisciplinary artist, curator and professional photographer. Her sculptural fibre art has been exhibited internationally in a over a dozen art museums including the Cheoungju International Biennale, representing some of the best of Canadian Craft, while her commercial and portrait/documentary photography work has seen her win awards, including a Juno.

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