Basketball, beeswax and pine resin, crystal, glass, and metallic seed beads, mother of pearl heirloom fragment, lazy susan, glass cloche, Canadian maple platter.

Awake utilizes an Olympic basketball, a form used intentionally as a fitting metaphor for the “oneness” of our world.

A crystalline saturnian planet is bound by orbital rings and the unity of its colours expands in four directions from pointed arrows over the surface of the sphere.

A mother of pearl heirloom makes up the centre of an eye that opens and shuts while the air inflating the form breathes itself.

Available as a quartet.

$16,000.00 CAD

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Marina Dempster is a multidisciplinary artist, curator and professional photographer. Her sculptural fibre art has been exhibited internationally in a over a dozen art museums including the Cheoungju International Biennale, representing some of the best of Canadian Craft, while her commercial and portrait/documentary photography work has seen her win awards, including a Juno.

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