“EC/STATIC” Silk Scarf

24" x 24"

100% Habotai silk scarf


1. adj. Feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.
2. adj. Involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence.
3. noun. A person subject to mystical experience.

A cicada with one wing outstretched speaks to the paradox of stillness and static patience required to emerge into the fullness of intentional and empowered expressive action.

There is joy in being aware of our expansion, even in painful moments of transition. Many of us, like the cicada, stay underground for a very long time, having set up our own self-protective shells preventing us from expressing ourselves fully or freely.

May this scarf encourage you to sing your distinctive, ecstatic song. Stretch out your luminescent wings and trust that your sounding will carry and open itself to a creative roar that has the power to break through…

$250.00 CAD

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Orders will be available for local pickup or shipping in limited runs.

Marina Dempster is a sculptural fibre artist, photographer and mentor whose crafting is a transmutation of materials, thoughts and emotions.

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