“Medusae” Silk Scarf

24" x 24"

100% Habotai silk scarf

$250.00 CAD

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Into the world of the Other, we gaze with fear and fascination. Jellies belong to a subphylum of cnidarians that metamorphose through a medusae form stage in their life cycle. They are one of the most adaptable and efficient of all animals but their ability to perceive the world is not well understood, largely due to an absence of what we consider to be organs of sense. The myth of Medusa, for which the phase is named, is itself a tale of transformation: one of beauty into terror.

Medusae is part of the Sovereign/ties exhibition.

Holly Venable leads her students on rich, immersive practical and academic investigations at The Orchard Lyceum, a school co-located with The Lyceum Gallery.

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