“Stillness + Flow” Silk Scarf

24" x 24"

100% Habotai silk scarf
This scarf is enhanced with subtle gold accents, hand-detailed by the artist.

$250.00 CAD

1 in stock

Orders will be available for local pickup or shipping in limited runs.

Please contact the gallery for more information about this work.

This scarf is intended as both a visual reminder and an invitation to intentionally create the conditions that will elicit more elevated moments in your life. Occasionally slowing down and pausing, paying closer attention to sensory details internally and externally before moving on, allows for the beautiful rhythm of stillness and flow to mark your days.

Stillness + Flow is part of the Sovereign/ties exhibition.

Nicole Kagan is a multi-faceted visual artist and creative-mindfulness facilitator — deeply inspired by the natural world as a reflection of the interior human landscape.

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