Melanie Gordon

Melanie Gordon’s Gathering Stars

The Lyceum Gallery is pleased to present Melanie Gordon’s Gathering Stars from June 3-26, 2021. The work will be on view through the west and north facing windows until re-opening.

Gathering Stars is an autobiographical photography project. Created over six years, the work explores themes of mortality, fertility, longing, and love. Melanie Gordon was diagnosed with breast cancer when her first child was just two years old.  Her story unfolds through photographs, words and short films that portray Gordon and her two daughters as both observers and subjects. The resulting narrative harvests themes of healing and wonder as they live side by side during times of uncertainty and abundance.

Melanie Gordon is a visual artist, photographer, and filmmaker whose work explores female identity, the connections between mothers and daughters, and the nature of belonging.  Gordon is motivated by the absence of women’s voices in art, culture, and systems of power. She seeks to capture moments of wonder and unexpected beauty where art meets everyday life.

The Gathering Stars exhibit will open on June 3rd with a projection series of short films relating the story of Melanie Gordon’s journey of mothering through breast cancer. Viewers are encouraged to view them through the windows at 969 Queen St W at 9.30pm with consideration for provincial orders regarding gathering sizes.

Thirteen photographs from the Gathering Stars series will be exhibited. The whole collection of this work may also be viewed online.

Gathering Stars Book

A limited edition book of prints is also available for purchase for $120 online, and in the gallery.

Gathering Stars, the book, is a 50-page, 8×10 hardcover book by Melanie Gordon that features the full collection of photographs from her autobiographical Gathering Stars project, paired with writing, that together share her journey of mothering through breast cancer and beyond.

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