Slow Garden

Announcing the S L O W G A R D E N

Johanna Reynolds / Joel Loblaw

Showing in the Lyceum Gallery November 5-18

We are very pleased to announce that next up in the gallery is S L O W G A R D E N, a joint show with Johanna Reynolds and Joel Loblaw. This pairing of abstract painters is just perfect. Their styles compliment each other so well.

Joel works as a landscape designer and painter in Meaford and Toronto. His evocative abstract expression of landscapes employ various methods including oil paint, encaustic and burnt plywood. Joel has shown in numerous galleries in Toronto.

This is Johanna’s second show in The Lyceum. Her dramatic non-representative interpretations are moody and gestural. They are layered in expansive colourfields that burst and flow, strirring emotional response in the viewer. Johanna’s work can be found in the Air Canada Executive Lounge and her exhibition with Kara McIntosh at Langdon Hall, which is on until the end of the year.

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