A scarf can be many powerful things — an object of protection or ritual, a signalling device, an expression of beauty, a statement of purpose or that of resistance.

Sovereign/ties’ is a collection of Habotai silk scarves that serve as resonant tactile pieces of wisdom shared through the artful practice of each distinct maker. The title image by Sarah Foelske reminds us to just keep going, keep making, keep looking for the beautiful things that come of this time.

Keep Going by Sarah Foelske

“Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.” John Lennon

The Lyceum’s Artist in Residence, Marina Dempster, has curated a series of made-to-order silk scarves. This collective effort, which includes 21 female artists and makers, is a response to her intuition that the artistic impulse was advanced during lockdown. As the world paused, makers persisted and the resulting transformations serve as a reminder of the healing nature of artistic endeavour.

“Resilience Circles” Silk Scarf by Christine Nnawuchi

The Lyceum Gallery shop is now open!

In addition to artwork from the shows, you can purchase Sovereign/ties silk scarves for a pre-order price of $220 until Thursday, October 22nd. They will be custom made and lovingly packaged in time for pickup at the group show in The Lyceum Gallery November 26- December 2nd. A limited series will also be available for purchase at that time for $250 each.

Participating Artists

Jen Arron

Patricia Aziz @aziz.patricia

Marina Dempster @marinadempsterstudio

Julie Fader @juliefaderpaintings

Deborah Farquharson @debfarqart

Tanya Fenkell @tanyafenkellart

Sarah Foelske @makenicedesign

Christina Gapic @christinagapicphotography

Melanie Gordon @melaniegordonphotography

Danijela Gorley @danijelagorley

Jocelyn Hirtes @floriferous_office

Lindsi Hollend @lindsibeth

Nicole Kagan @nicolekagan_art

Kathy Kranias @kathykranias

Kara McIntosh @karamcintoshstudio

Christine Nnawuchi @nawuchi

Simone North @mostlymindfulmotherhood

Laura Jane Petelko @laurajanepetelko

Johanna Reynolds @johanna_reynolds

Holly Venable @intimationsoftime

Sara Wood @smockcafe

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