The Lyceum students reflect on Christina Gapic’s “Quiet Overture”

May 31, 2021

The Divine In You
The Divine In You

The Lyceum students are immersed in art all the time. The gallery the school shares space with welcomes the community in and provides our students with ample opportunity to witness the power art has to speak to people.

The various threads of their curriculum are sewn together in collaboration with an array of artists from varying disciplines. This unique opportunity grows their appreciation and mastery of a variety of mediums but most importantly, it encourages them to notice and to think critically. Below you can read their reflections on Christina Gapic’s show Quiet Overture. Also included is a reflection by Gapic’s son, James, a first-year student at The Lyceum.

Christina Gapic’s work is available for aquisition in our shop.



Moments Tended

by Violet

Moments Tended by Christina Gapic is a piece that seems to embody the beauty and wonder we see in the world during childhood. The magic that is there in everything: each butterfly, sun shower, and dandelion. As I grow up, I can feel myself starting to lose my awareness of these sorts of things. This photograph seems to radiate peace and happiness. A sort of calming feeling that makes me think of summer.

In a bright field
The sun shines
She smiles, happy
Holds the glow of the gold flowers

They turn to shining white
And float away
Like a hundred little parachutes




by Paloma

I’m crouched in a field. Colour is not available to my eyes, only light. It gleams and shimmers as it hits my face. Luminous bubbles float above me. Spirits, droplets, radiating.

The fields, plants, flowers and weeds block the light. Only darkness if left. It glooms, it restricts, it relaxes my eyes. The light pokes through the cracks of the plants; darkness, outlined by light.

I look up and the sun highlights my face once more. I can see the shadow of my eyelashes on my cheek. The bubbles pop and the only bubble I see now is the sun, gleaming from underneath a cloud.



Only Love

by Julian

There was a golden field of wheat and rye,
With painted fire,
In the light of a midsummer sun
With fall,
Came the harvest,
No more wheat,
No more golden fields.
Just weeds and daisies and love.



To See the World

by Mia

From yellow to white,
A delicate flower,

Close your eyes,
Make a wish,
And blow the seeds into the air

From yellow to white,
Their beauty so impermanent,
Already they are changing,
Vanishing ghosts in the wind



Bliss Destiny

by James

Waving hair flying everywhere in the sky
In my eyes blond hair everywhere
ooooh what’s over there?

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