The Queen’s Voice: Interview with Quincy Raby

October 20, 2020


The Queen’s Voice is a working title for the radio station that is in its nascent stages. Each year, The Lyceum students are charged with creating a business for their Praxis Project. The year-long project requires them to develop, manage, promote and create inventory for a start-up business. This year, they have chosen to make a radio station. The station will start small, with a series of podcasts on various topics including debates, recipes from the kitchen, a neighbourhood tree census, great inventions throughout time and of course, window-side chats with visiting artists.

Last Thursday, the students interviewed Quincy Raby, whose show Thank You For Destroying My Life, is currently hanging in the gallery. She answered questions about why she chose such a morose title for such bright and colourful paintings, why the mouth is the most expressive feature on the human face, which of her paintings have a glow in the dark surprise, what she meal she would serve on the ceramics and why she staged the after effects of a doomed new year’s eve party in the window. She encouraged students to work through the difficult times with the understanding that hardship clears the way for new growth.

“You never grow out of rainbows. Focus on the good.” Quincy Raby


A word about Lyceum Gallery visits

Quincy Raby will be in the gallery Thursdays and Fridays from 4-8 and Saturdays from 12-4 until her show closes October 31st. We are allowing six visitors to the gallery at a time during these periods or you can book a private visit outside these times using the scheduler on our website.

We also undertand that you may not be comfortable viewing artwork in person at this time so for that we have a solution! Online viewing rooms for current exhibitions are coming up next but for now you can see all the work on our acquisitions page.

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