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Gillian Genser Echoes at the Lyceum Gallery

10 Echoes


Gillian Genser

This work has been made of the fractured remains from inhabitants of our endangered world: shells and bones, nests, fallen branches and the delicate last vestiges of insects. Although these lives have unfolded and expired beyond our awareness, they’ve left a trace, an aura of memory, as final testament to their existence.

Gathering Stars exhibition by Melanie Gordon

09 Gathering Stars

Gathering Stars

Melanie Gordon

Gathering Stars is an autobiographical photography project about motherhood, healing, and wonder.


08 Cerebellum


Julie Fader

Julie is a Toronto-based painter and professional musician. Her work rests at the nexus point of conscious thought and visual patterning.

Wolf Moon

07 Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

Nancy Friedland

Darkness allows the mind to wander, but it is given shape by light. The moon, the porch light, fireworks — without them the darkness spills out forever into the universe, unfettered. 

sovereignties tile

06 Sovereign/ties


Group Show

Sovereign/ties is a collection of silk scarves that serve as resonant tactile pieces of wisdom shared through the artful practice of each distinct maker.

Slow Garden

05 Slow Garden

Slow Garden

Joel Loblaw and Johanna Reynolds

In the same way we tend to a garden, our personal relationships must be nurtured. This mental attitude allows ideas to germinate, and fosters growth alongside others with different and complementary strengths.

Until the Moment Comes

04 Soft Stories

Soft Stories

Laura Jane Petelko

Inspired by a conversation about “Furries” — a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics — this work began to take shape. 

Bold As Love

03 Endless Gone

Endless Gone

Laura Jane Petelko

Released in 2018, Endless Gone is an ongoing series of large scale, plexi-mounted photographs meant to explore memory and mood from a sensory perspective.

Pinwheel Bite

02 Thank You For Destroying My Life

Thank You For Destroying My Life

Quincy Raby

Thank You for Destroying My Life loosely focuses on themes of transformation, growth and rebirth.


01 HOPE Portraits

HOPE Portraits

The Lyceum Students (mentored by The West End Phoenix)

Each of the four students selected a community leader in whom they found inspiration: a person whose vision translates into agency for positive change. 

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