Lyceum Gallery Workshops

Sketch Republic
Monday After School Art Club

January - June 2023

Join Sam Higgs in this immersive art experience for students 13-16 years of age. Sam will draw on his years of experience in an array of media and employ The Lyceum's approach to supporting student agency and self direction to guide students in developing their studio practice while introducing them to new techniques and styles.

Sam Higgs

$495+HST per student

Mixed Media & Portfolio Primer

Saturdays noon to 2PM
February 11th through March 4th, 2023

Mixed Media & Portfolio Primer is the perfect course for kids 9 to 13 years old interested in expanding their artistic horizons and rounding out their portfolios for arts-focused secondary school applications.  Each session kicks off with a creative warm-up, and aims to instill studio best practices.  The series will culminate in a Student Exhibition at Lyceum Gallery in the coming weeks.

Quincy Raby

$250+HST per student
Capped at 10 participants

Past Workshops


Drawn In with Sam Higgs

Studio Sessions: Spooky Season

Spooky Season Teens

Studio Sessions: Spooky Season

Spooky Season Kids


Studio Sessions: Wellness Workshop


Studio Sessions


Interdisciplinary Discovery

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