Math Lab

February 21-28, 2023

Math Lab

The Lyceum Students 

In order to truly engage with math,  students must be furnished with opportunities to connect it to something meaningful to them. Concentration cannot be forced but it can be directed toward a point of interest where it will be actively seized by the student. Whether the seed of the idea is a soccer ball, a found object, a building in Singapore or a sound wave doesn’t really matter. The guide’s role is to stand by, equipped to journey student enquiry and facilitate their ability to sink deeply into the work.

Math Lab is the artistic manifestation of studies in math and geometry featuring mod diagrams, building models, vellum curtains of massing arithmetic, tessellations, a giant origami truncated icosahedron, resin casts, and a monster long division that spills down one wall of the gallery and across the floor.

“The children of today will make the discoveries of tomorrow.”
Maria Montessori

Math Lab
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