Small Victories by The Orchard Lyceum Students

April 8-28, 2021

Small Victories

The Lyceum Students

Using wool blanket remnants, embroidery thread, roving and found object embellishments, Lyceum students are creating a victory quilt installation in the gallery. Beginning this Thursday, community members are invited to pick up a Victory square kit from the front door of the gallery each day between 12-4. Take one home to make your own Small Victory then drop it off in the mailbox at the front of the building at 969 Queen St W. Our students will seam your story together with ours throughout the month of April.

Each square represents a humble beginning that becomes a small triumph of individual will, a push through the inertia or a stake against uncertainty. Every day is an evolution and a call to activate change to the circumstances we find ourselves in. With dedication to hope and renewal, we are making a future out of the pieces from the past, reconfigured with experience acknowledged, bound together by purpose and community. Through the commitment to an act of creation or expression, we lay claim to a new tomorrow.

We invite and encourage you to come by the windows to watch the project evolve.

“The great victory, which appears so simple today, was the result of a series of small victories that went unnoticed” – Paul Coelho.

We want to see your Small Victories!

It can be anything: something you have learned to do, a fear you have conquered, a worry you have dispatched or simply a gratitude that you hold for a thing that is good in your life.

Here is how it works:

  1. Book your visit to pick up a Small Victories kit from the front door of the Lyceum Gallery any time this week between 12-4 pm. You can also call ahead for one 416 777 0110 and we will package it up for you.
  2. Take it home and stitch in your Small Victory with threads, found objects or fabric remnants. What ever you have on hand will do.
  3. Fill out the story form telling us about it (but only if you want to…we are equally happy to receive anonymous submissions).
  4. Return your finished Small Victory to the mailbox at 969 Queen Street West.
  5. Keep your eyes on here or watch your square appear in the quilt we are building in the gallery throughout the month of April.
Small Victories by The Orchard Lyceum Students
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