Portrait of Canadian artist, Julie Fader.
Julie Fader

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Julie Fader

“My work can be about what you see and feel; it doesn’t have to be about me.“ – Julie Fader

Julie Fader is a Toronto-based painter and a professional musician. Her numerous collaborations with renowned Canadian recording artists have led to her performing, playing and touring around the world. However Fader’s work as a painter has always been at the forefront of her creative brain.

Fader’s signature abstract pointillism paintings changed direction after she sustained a serious head injury early last year; the tiny dots morphing into the connected and colourful shape-journeys that comprise the Cerebellum series, her ongoing recovery from the injury leading to a brand new visual direction in her pieces.

At the heart of Fader’s work is the intellectual connection of thought and visual pattern, creating individual identities out of each painting with its own succinct energy. Fader’s production includes countless hours in commitment to the improvisational flow of colour and shape, simultaneously constrained and free, reflecting inward and outward.

Through Cerebellum, Fader reflects back either the calm or chaotic state of mind, depending on the viewer. In this way, her work allows the freedom of response: revealing and revelling in relation to both her work and its environment.

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