The Art of Disruption

Saturdays – May 27th to June 10th
1PM to 3PM

The Art of Disruption is a 3-week workshop for teens ages 11 to 16 with an interest in art and social issues. In this course, we use the emergence of Punk as a starting point to explore the fashion, music and culture of the time while connecting to various art forms. Students will be invited to show their works at the annual Lyceum Workshop Art Show later in the spring.

Holly Venable
Quincy Raby
Martin Reis

Ages 11 to 16
Capped at 10 students (but really we have room for 12).

Saturdays – May 27th to June 10th
1PM to 3PM


$150.00 CAD


Workshop Details

Week 1 – Collage and mixed media basics

In the first workshop, we walk through the work of long-time artistic disruptor and true anarchist Jamie Reid, whose iconic collage ‘celebrating’ Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee helped catapult the Sex Pistols to fame and ignite a movement. Students will learn collage layout and technique and have access to a wide array of mixed media materials and vintage and current paper ephemera.

Week 2 – DIY Fashion

Dame Vivienne Westwood defined the look of the punk movement with her cutting edge, DIY fashions. She later touted the slogan “Buy less. Choose wisely. Use it longer.” Westwood helped bring attention to the ecological and human rights issues surrounding fast fashion. In this workshop, students will be encouraged to bring in outdated items of their own while they learn stencil, basic alteration, and distressing techniques to refresh old pieces.

Week 3 – Street Art

Street artists from Jean-Michel Basquiat to Banksy have long communicated social issues, political opposition, and civil awareness through the language of street art. Others, such as the Truth In Advertising collective, started making changes to advertisements over 30 years ago, sharing their techniques with fellow artists world-wide in an effort to entice the pubic to question the barrage of media surrounding them. Prolific Toronto artist and co-founder of Parkdale Provincial Park, Martin Reis, leads the class through the basics of how to ignite a revolution using street art as a tool of grassroots activism.

Please contact the gallery for more information about this workshop.

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