Basketball, beeswax and pine resin, crystal, glass, and metallic seed beads, lazy susan, glass cloche, Canadian maple platter.

Aware was first inspired by sea urchins, which are found on all five continents. Slow and methodical, they can show us how to manoeuvre with tenacity and patience.

As the work evolved at the height of the global pandemic, the issue of boundaries, while sharing a collective planetary experience, became more poignant and divisive.

The final iteration of the sculpture is both reminiscent of a microscopic image of a virus, and an aerial view of individuals isolated from one another.

The golden pathways concurrently illuminate a harmonic convergence of a new strain of emerging consciousness.

Available as a quartet.

$16,000.00 CAD

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Marina Dempster is a multidisciplinary artist, curator and professional photographer. Her sculptural fibre art has been exhibited internationally in a over a dozen art museums including the Cheoungju International Biennale, representing some of the best of Canadian Craft, while her commercial and portrait/documentary photography work has seen her win awards, including a Juno.

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